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The complete feed for your growing baby.
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The peak performance horse feed for working and competition.

The versatile horse feed for most adults.

The best feed for foundered horses.

The advanced horse feed for older adults and revitalization.



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EQ Feed Testimonials.
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Why feed EQ Feeds?

We have been so pleased with EqFeeds ™ It is wonderful to have our older horses fat and healthy after trying numerous other feeds without results. Also our endurance horses look great and they are competing better than ever before without the hassle of supplements! The horses look & feel great and you feed less, how much better can it get!!

OFFICIAL FEED of the 2013 Arabian Horse Association 70-Mile Competitive Trail Ride NATIONAL PUREBRED CHAMPION

Joyce Mocilan and her horse, Count on Psyche won the 2013 AHA 70-Mile CTR Purebred Championship at the 2013 AHA Distance Nationals. Joyce is a long-time user of Eq Feeds Summit and Eq Lytes.  Joyce says, “Our endurance horses look great and they are competing better than ever before without hassle of supplements! The horses look and feel great and you feed less. How much better can it get?!”

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Joyce, Bloomington, Illinois

I have gone from one feed to another, trying to find a feed that worked for all the horses.  I breed and raise World Champion Halter Horses, APHA and AQHA. What I feed our horses is my number one concern.  I need them to look healthy outside and be healthy inside.  I started using EqFeeds™  since 2011.  I can't begin to tell you the change it made in my stallion, mares and foals!  I feed less and they look better.  Below is a picture of a mare I purchased before I started her on Eq Summit.  She is an awesome mare, but didn't have the bulk I needed.  The second picture is of her 2 months after feeding her EqFeeds™ .  Her coat is shiny and dappled, her entire body shines. She has filled out in only the time she has been on the feed.  I'm so sold on this feed!

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We show halter and Baby Bloom is the best kept secret for my halter babies!  Exceptional Detail has been on Baby Bloom since creep feeding.  She has grown without leg problems, her coat is shiny and her overall health is excellent.  She won the Illinois Paint Horse Futurity in early weanling mares!  I have all my horses on Eq Feeds and wouldn't ever think of switching to anything else.  You can see how good our horses look at www.doublelacres.com

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Look how shiny my 3 year old stallion's coat is, look at the body!!!!!  Baby Bloom at work!  We have won
numerous first, grands and grand reserves in the APHA show circuit!

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I also want to let everyone know about EqFeeds™  Legs Plus.  As a precaution, I gave my fast growing foals Legs Plus on top of their Baby Bloom. Having halter babies, we feed them more than a normal foal to help them grow for showing in the weanling classes at the APHA World Show.  I never did have any shaky knees!

Vicki Livasy, Owner
Double L Acres, IL


My 31 year old Arabian, Sweet Refrain, is still a picture of fluid, supple grace and power. Here we are after 4 hours on the trail. Always given room to roam and forage and the best feed- since coming to Illinois, that "best" has been EqFeeds™ . With a superior nutrient dense, high fiber, and low carb formula- we can tell you "straight from the horse's mouth" that EqFeeds™  promotes radiant, ageless health for all of my horses.

Shannon B. Kirkpatrick, M.Ed.
Owner, Wildheart Farm
Palmer, IL

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26 years old

26 years old and still blazing trails!

31 years old


We bought a older TWH and she was in pretty bad shape.  I tried several feeds and none seem to get her where I thought she needed to be.  I tried EqFeeds™ on a recommendation and found the silver, since I knew she was older, worked really well on her.  She is a high strung horse on top of being older, so the silver seems to keep her calm and fit. I am sending before and after pictures after starting EqFeeds™, silver.  I know this does not look like the same horse but this girl is all black except the back left hoof, so look for her back left foot. I also want
to note that we have done tons of ground time and grooming to keep the
horse happy.
--A. Wilkin - Pawnee, IL

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I was asked to try
EqFeeds™, so even though I was happy with my current feed, I tried it. I noticed a difference shortly after trying the new feed. My horses look better because they have a nicer hair coat & they are in better shape. Also, I don't have to have to feed as much. I had many comments on how good my horses look; it's a good clean feed
-- Racing Standardbreds. - Arthur, IL

Since starting
EqFeeds™ in 1999 my horse is quiet, but has the energy for competition. I feed less and still get 150% from my horse.
-- IL State Champion, Cowboy Mounted Shooting - Rochester, IL

In addition to providing excellent nutrition, as in
EqFeeds™, we can help our horses have more efficient, comfortable, productive lives and live longer through dental care. I especially like the Silver formula, which helps a lot of mature horses keep their teeth functional for several years more than a high-hay diet. My own 17-year-old Thoroughbred gained needed condition while on EqFeeds™ Silver.

--Tom Allen, DVM
Practice Limited to Equine Dentistry
www.horsedentist.com Our site for Equine Dentistry

I had tried every brand of feed imaginable trying to put weight on one particular horse, when I heard about EqFeeds™.  I tried it and it worked.  That horse looks so much better and has a shiny hair coat, too.  I now use that feed on all my horses: horses in training, show horses and horses that are just hanging around.  I even get comments at shows about how good my horses look. 

--Lori Nelson
Lori Nelson Training

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We have fed
EqFeeds™ to our four horses for years.  Each horse has maintained excellent weight, a shiny coat, and excellent health.  Our vet and farrier, as well as riders we have met on the trails, comment about the overall appearance of our horses.

Debbie, Taylorville, Illinois

Chocante Cabal is my 1983 Paso Fino stallion. I bought him in 2003 at age 20. He showed signs of previous founder and had some fluid build-up from injuries to his hocks. He was not ride able but I figured at least we could breed our mares. During his purchase exam I was told that his semen was of poor quality and that he would be unable to breed. A second lab result confirmed that that he was enviable "a long shot" for breeding. You would have to meet him to understand this but I decided to gamble on him anyway. I bought him and decided to see if improved nutrition could make a difference. Since 2004 we have successfully hand-bred 8 mares. 100% success! Slow growing old teeth cause horses to decline but because of superior nutrition and digestibility, Choco continues to go strong. We trail ride the horse that was too lame to carry a rider when he was 20!



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Todd Fisher, Taylorville IL

Choco, is now 31 year old, still running and producing offspring!

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Choco's 2014 colt he sired at age 31!


I've been in the sport of Distance Riding since 1982, and I've seen the use of electrolytes go from raw salt
administered from a big wooden spoon, to the availability of dozens of products. Two years ago, I switched
exclusively to Eq Lytes. Easy to mix, easy to administer, and my horses LOVE the taste. I race over 1,000
miles a season, and I am sure I owe my national Best Condition standing the last two years to well hydrated
horses from using Eq Lytes.

Lori Windows, Wyanet, IL

We have been so happy with the feed from Eq Feeds.  That we exclusively feed all our horses here at Arabian Woods Horse Farm, Eq Feeds.
We had this Mare that had injured her rear leg last year and was doing better, but was still putting so much pressure on the supporting front knee causing increase in swelling.  So before we put her back into training.  We put her on Eq Legs Plus. 
This has helped give her the support she needed to take the pressure of training.

Now she is back under saddle and getting the support she needed to reduce the stress on her knees from Eq Feeds Legs Plus.

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AW Hallee Bey (LD Echshahlon x Leelah Rose)

Donna Woods, Arabian Woods Horse Farm, Camp Point, IL

At Run Along Farms we have up to 15 horses in competition or training year round.  In the hot, humid summers in Illinois we use Eq Lytes-Daily to ensure our horses stay hydrated.  In the cold, windy, winters, it is just as important.  It is so palatable, even the the picky eaters accept it top dressed on their feed. With the ever increasing costs of maintaining horses, Eq Lytes-Daily is an economical choice to help keep your horses drinking.  

Julie Jackson-Biegert, Run Along Farms, Geneseo, IL


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